Leamont Baker is a pioneer in real estate development, sustainable investments and next generation service solutions.

Infinite opportunities

Leamont Baker remains steadfast and committed to progressive innovation in development, investment and sales services.

Take a closer look at our current endeavors:


A Juwel of Nature

Serapia at Côte d’Azur

Mediterranean Leisure

the Hills

Luxury Living

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Investing in the future of real estate

Villa Seebichl

Lakeside Residence

Alpine Dream

Center of Kitzbühel

Operating in six countries all over the globe Leamont Baker employs almost the entirety of its workforce remotely.

With passion for what we do, trust in a better future we may create and loyalty to the ideals we uphold.

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Manuel S. Penkner


Expand with us in Asia

As part of our growth strategy, we are actively seeking collaboration with dynamic partners in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Our goal is to establish strong, mutually beneficial relationships that will enable us to broaden our reach and deepen our market presence in these key cities.

If you are based in Tokyo, Shanghai, or Hong Kong and are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us, we would love to hear from you. Together, we can unlock new possibilities and drive forward innovation in our industry. Contact us to discuss potential collaboration.